Services to our members

Here’s how we support you as a member.

Networking, information and support for members

Apparel Quebec is affiliated with the Canadian Apparel Federation (CAF): Members of Apparel Quebec benefit from full membership in both a local association that works on the ground with its members, and  a national group able to address national and international issues.  Through our association with the CAF we have a valuable collective voice with policy makers at the national and provincial levels. Beyond our association with CAF, we work in partnership with the Apparel Human Resources Council and many other trade associations.

Apparel Quebec is a valuable source of information and advice. Our specialty is based on:

  1. Business Development – including trade missions to new markets, access to government subsidies.
  2. Financial Information – to allow firms to secure the financing they need and operate efficiently.
  3. Sourcing Opportunities and overseas partnerships – our extensive network of international contacts and knowledge in logistics can save you time and money.
  4. Operations – information on a range of issues from R&D tax credit, design, resources and quality.
  5. Regulatory Compliance – we keep you updated of any regulations on trade, sourcing, product safety and social compliance.

We have connections that individual firms do not have, and access to information that is not in the public domain.  Our information resources, much of which are restricted to member firms, are second to none.

  • Members of AQ receive a monthly newsletter and regular member-only updates.
  • We provide instant access to strategic information, such as sizing, product safety regulations, import and export customs and duties, tariffs, legal and liability consulting and more.
  • Members regularly take advantage of our knowledge of issues such as the provincial design tax credit and other provincial and federal subsidies, federal and provincial programs.
  • AQ and CAF develop practical training programs that meet the needs of employers. Members save on all training activities.

Advocacy that pays off for members

Only Apparel Quebec and CAF defend the interests of your firm, and other firms in the industry. This high level of involvement with government allows us to provide detailed information to our members:

  • We leverage our access to policymakers: no-one else can give you insight into upcoming trade agreements, and pending policy and regulatory changes.

Business Development

We understand that growing your business is your first priority.  We assist firms in many ways:

  • As a member you can participate in numerous foreign trade missions to new markets, in the Unites States, Europe and Asia.
  • Members depend on us for advice on trade, sales and distribution issues in many markets.  Eliminate surprises when you are making sourcing decisions:  we regularly assist firms address tariff and regulatory issues that otherwise disrupt your supply chain.
  • Recent achievements and Actionable Intelligence:
  • AQ closely monitors the measures undertaken by the Federal and Provincial government on issues relative to employment and competitiveness.
  • We provide detailed information and access to financial and promotional programs at the Municipal, Provincial and Federal levels.
  • Association lobby led to the creation of Pro Mode a 82 million dollar Quebec government grant for the fashion industry.
  • In 2009, our members received over $400,000 in Quebec government subsidies.

Training and Professional Development

AQ is committed to the development of practical training programs that meet the needs of employers. We work closely with other organizations to develop and deliver these training programs.

Savings on Goods and Services

The Canadian Apparel Federation’s group programs provide immediate payback to Apparel Quebec members.  CAF programs cover a wide range of goods and services you can use every day. These include savings on transportation, financial services VISA/Mastercard), and many others). For more details about this discount program, please click here.


The single most effective way you can address the range of critical issues facing your fashion business is by joining Apparel Quebec (AQ) —the only membership-based business association for the fashion industry in Quebec.